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Experience The Quality of True Craftsmanship

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At Griffith Flooring Service LLC, we believe in Creating New standards while Maintaining the Old.  We are a family owned business and have  specialized in Installation for 18 years.  We have recently opened our own showroom.  We would be happy to help with any sales, installation, or repairs of flooring you may have.   Griffith Flooring Service LLC Specializes in Carpet, Tile, Hardwood, Sheet Vinyl, Vinyl Planks, Laminate, both Residential and Commerical Properites, Design and Custom Services are also available.  We at Griffith Flooring Service LLC Guarantee our work for 2 Years.

Free Estimates are available Monday- Friday 6am-6pm, Saturdays by appointment only, or come see us at our New Location.  304 Main Street, Beech Grove, IN. 46107. Contact us today at 317-414-0590.

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Facts about Carpet that could help you make your carpet and padding decisions easier

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Padding Types

The number one factor to consider when  choosing a carpet padding is the type of material the padding is made of.  There are three categories are Sponge Rubber, Felted Fiber, and  Polyurethane Foam.

Carpet Styles

Berber-Made of thicker  level loops of cut pile. Made of thicker yarns for increased durability. Ideal for informal areas. Does not shoes foot prints or vacuum tracks.

Loop– loops of threads same or different levels in hights. It can take lots of wear making for good traffic area, or commercial carpet areas.

Plush/Velvet- Distinguished by smooth and flawless appearance and very elegant look

Frieze-Known as Twist or Trackless carpeting. This would be good for kids rooms, stairs and high traffic areas.

Pile Fibers

Nylon- Strongest and most durable Fiber type. Easiest to clean and maintain, used commonly in Recycled Carpeting.

Wool– A Premium Fiber fire retardant, resistant to crushing and extremely durable will last a long time if cared for properly.

Acrylic-Similar to Wool in texture and appearance, restistant to dirt, mildew, moths and fading. More affordable them Wool and comes in an wide range of colors, has a tendency to fade and fuzz, and very rarely sold

Cotton-Along with Acrylic it takes up only 1% of over all carpet sales. Although Cotton carpet is soft and comfortable, they are susceptible to stains and matting.

Polyester (PET)- If an environmentally friendly “Green Carpet”  is what you are looking for PET is made up of  mostly recycled pop bottles. PET has vibrant colors and high resistance to staining, and does not fade easily.

Polypropylene– This is inexpensive price point and exceptional to stain resistance. The dying method of the carpet gives it good resistance to fading and sun bleaching but also limits the color choices. Crushed fibers can occur due to polypropylene’s poor resiliency.